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Refresher Driving Lessons In Preston


Our driving refresher courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. They are designed to improve your confidence and help you to get back behind the wheel after maybe not driving for some time. Our driving instructor will also give you advice and practice in the latest up to date driving methods. Don't worry about anything because we are all experienced driving instructors and we have helped thousands of people in Preston over the last 35 years in business

 Perhaps you've not drove for quite a long time, or you may even have passed your driving test years ago and never driven since, or maybe you've had a bad experience which has put you off driving. Some people might just require help with certain parts of driving such as reverse parking, city centre driving, driving at night or even motorway driving. Whatever it is one of our experienced driving instructors in Preston will be able to help you. 

To book refresher driving lessons in Preston
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* Unfortunately our £10 Trial Hour is not available on refresher courses