Motorway Driving Lessons

So you've just passed your driving test and you are now looking at getting some practice on the motorway. Well don't worry because all of driving instructors at Preston Driving School conduct motorway driving tuition

Preston Driving School can offer Motorway Driving Lessons to any pupil who wishes to improve their skills and gain valuable experience at high speed motorway driving while at the same time still being under the guidance and supervision of an experienced driving instructor. 
Motorway driving is very different from driving on normal roads, to begin with traffic is moving extremely fast, therefore you need to concentrate and focus all the time

While having motorway driving lessons with one of our driving instructors you will be taught lots of skills including:

* Joining a motorway from a slip road
* Leaving a motorway via a slip road
* Exercise correct lane discipline  
* Maintaining a safe separation distance
* Following motorway route signs
* Overtaking at speed
* Vehicle maintenance
* Breakdown procedures

The M6 Motorway Around Preston

We can help you deal with one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the country

The M6 motorway at Preston was the first motorway to be built in England and this particular section is always extremely busy


To book a driving lesson on the motorway
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