Syllabus followed by driving instructors at
Preston Driving School

All driving instructors in Preston should follow a planned training programme. Your driving lessons in Preston will normally follow a programme similar to the one below. Your Preston Driving School driving instructor will quickly establish your strengths and weaknesses. To keep things very simple we have put the syllabus into six stages. These stages are an example of how a complete beginner might progress through training, however not everybody will come to us as beginners, some people are partly trained and others near to test standard. Whatever your standard your driving instructor at Preston Driving School will help you.


Stage One

The Complete Beginner

  • Introductions - check driver's licence and eyesight.
  • Explain the main controls, their operation and function.
  • Explain the precautions on entering a vehicle and starting up.
  • Moving off and stopping.
  • Steering.
  • Changing gears.
  • Use of mirrors before changing direction, slowing, stopping or signalling

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Stage Two

Basic Driving Manoeuvres in Light Traffic

  • Moving off and stopping - uphill and downhill gradients.
  • More detailed use of the accelerator, brakes and gears.
  • General introduction to MSM/PSL.
  • Normal driving positioning for right and left hand bends.
  • Selecting safe positions when making normal stops.
  • Explain traffic signs and road markings make up.

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Stage Three

Developing Manoeuvrability, Junction and Light Traffic Driving

  • Reversing in a straight line, following a curve around a kerb.
  • Turn in the road (Often called a 3 point turn)
  • Reverse parallel parking and bay parking to the right and to the left.
  • Junctions - MSM/PSL, speed and gear on approach and effective observations.
  • Adequate clearance to parked cars and other obstructions.
  • One-way streets.

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Stage Four

Developing Driving in Driving Test Traffic Conditions

  • Reversing to the driving test standards.
  • Turn in the road to driving test standards.
  • Reverse parallel park and bay park to driving test standards.
  • Developing finesse, smoothness and necessity in gear changing
  • Develop advance control on uphill and downhill junctions.
  • Develop effective observations at types of junctions with obscured views.
  • Develop crossing the path of other vehicles safely at busy right turn junctions.
  • Develop knowledge and confidence at traffic light systems, box junctions, zebra and pelican crossings, school and railway crossings.

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Stage Five

As Wide as Possible Range of Road & Traffic Conditions

  • Emergency stop to driving test standard.
  • Very busy roundabouts including mini roundabouts
  • Making quick progressive and safe progress where necessary.
  • Develop advance planning, observations, awareness and anticipation.
  • Rural country roads.
  • City centre traffic conditions.
  • Overtaking moving vehicles.
  • Fast dual carriageways.

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Stage Six

Driving Test Preparation

  • Explanation of the driving test, the examiners role and system of assessing.
  • Explanation and practice of the Tell Me / Show Me questions.
  • Realistic mock driving tests on driving test routes.
  • Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Driving Test.
  • Motorway lessons offered. (Not compulsory)
  • Pass Plus course offered. (Not compulsory)

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